Fergie MacDonald Ceilidh Band in session for BBC Radio Scotland "Take the Floor" 2016-01-16 BBC 320kbps HD stream master

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Making a welcome return to Take The Floor is Fergie MacDonald and his Ceilidh Band.

Born Ferguson MacDonald, Fergie descends from a direct line of Moidart MacDonald Clanranalds. Sherrifmuir, the 1745 Jacobite rising, Culloden and the highland clearances are all in the genetic mix. He is a Gaelic speaking indigenous Gael with all the trimmings of Moidart culture and history.
Educated at Mingarry Primary and Fort William High Schools before joining the army and becoming a physical training instructor. On leaving the army he graduated as a physiotherapist in Glasgow.
Formed his first band in 1953, had his first BBC radio broadcast and first television appearances in 1964 and, to date, has recorded no less than 32 vinyl, cassette and CD albums. - See more at: http://www.fergiemacdonald.com/about.html#sthash.JesGDHu0.dpuf

01 Kate Dalrymple

02 intro

03 TITLE: Dashing White Sergeant
a) Man�s a Man for a� That [Burns]
b) Corrie Choillie [Trad]
c) The Drunken Piper [Alexander MacLeod]

04 talk

05 TITLE: Eva Three Step
a) Heights of Casino [D.MacRae]
b) Dr Andrew Flappan [F.MacDonald]

06 talk

07 TITLE: Highland Barn Dance
a) Donnie MacGillivary [Fergie MacDonald]
b) Red Socks [Fergie MacDonald]

08 talk

09 TITLE: Hebridean Gaelic Waltz
a) The Night Before I sailed
b) Leaving Lewis
c) Nina My Love
d) Give Me Your Hand to Uist

10 talk

11 TITLE: Hoolighans Jig
a) Geordie MacIntosh [N. MacKay]
b) The Fair Haired Lad [Trad]
c) Out in the Ocean [Trad]
d) The Blackthorn Stick [Trad]
e) Ness Bothan [Fergie MacDonald]

12 TITLE: The Hebridean Wedding Reel
a) The Wedding Reel [Trad]
b) Bratach Bana [Trad]
c) Mrs MacLeod of Raasay [Trad]
d) Big Angus Meldrum [F.MacDonald]

13 talk

14 TITLE: Boston Two Step
a) The Lochmaree Islands [K MacKenzie]
b) Goodbye Mary [Trad]
c) Wee Todd [Trad]

15 talk

16 TITLE: Canadian Barn Dance
a) Jim Christie of Wick [A Harper]
b) Sprig of Ivy [D Seton]

17 talk

18 TITLE: Set 3 and 4 Quadrillies
a) Matt�s Polka [Trad]
b) Seige of Ennis [Trad]
c) Winster Gallop [Trad]
d) Katie Daly [Trad]

19 talk

20 TITLE: Gay Gordons
a) The Shinty Referee Song [F.MacDonald]
b) The Dark Waters of Lochshiel [F.MacDonald]
c) Marion Small the Carpenters Daughter [Trad]

21 talk

22 TITLE: Gaelic waltz � Tribute to Wick Scottish Dance Band
a) I See Mull
b) Sine Bhan
c) Filoro

23 talk

24 TITLE: Band Leader�s Choice
a) Barrowburn Reel [Addie Harper]
b) John Keith Laing [Addie Harper]

25 talk

26 TITLE: Highland Schottishe
a) Donald Black�s Mouth Organ [F.MacDonald]
b) McEwan�s Barn [Trad]
c) Roshven House [F.MacDonald]

27 talk

28 TITLE: Strip The Willow
a) Whisky Galore Jig [F.MacDonald]
b) The Jig Runrig [F.MacDonald]
c) The Buzzing Bee [F.MacDonald]
d) The Kesh Jig [Trad]

29 outro