Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers
The Festy
Nelson County Virginia
Devils Backbone Brewery
Southern stage
Oct 12, 2013

Schoeps MK4v (DIN) > KCY > Naiant LB > Sound Devices 744t @24bit/48hz
DFC at SBD 8ft in air 50 ft from stage
Tagged in Foobar 2000
Taper: soling (

Run time: 59:17
01 Go Go Go
02 Deep Water
03 Before You Loved Me
04 Might Be Blessed
05 You Give Me Fever
06 Another Rolling Stone
07 Check Your Head
08 Wanna Go Home
09 Reno, Nevada
10 I Wanna Be Your Mama Again ^
11 Long Black Veil ^
12 Barbary Blues
13 Jet Plane

^ Jeremy Garrett - fiddle

Nicki Bluhm - vocals
Tim Bluhm - organ, guitar, vocals
Deren Ney - guitar
Dave Mulligan - guitar, vocals
Steve Adams - bass
Mike Curry - drums

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