Artist: F/i
Venue: Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, USA
Date: 1996-06-25

F/i (aka Führer incognito) live at the Phantasy Theatre, Cleveland, OH, USA on December 31st, 1995.
With Doug Walker (of Alien Planetscapes) on synths.
Thanx to Scott for sending me this one.
Unfortunately, I have no information on how it was recorded or the lineage.
Fantastic Spacerock, reminding of Hawkwind, Vocokesh and similar bands.
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01 – Five Crowns Of The Saxon King (Part 1)
02 – Five Crowns Of The Saxon King (Part 2) / 3rd Crown
03 – Five Crowns Of The Saxon King (Part 3)
04 – Sandoza Smiles
05 – From Poppy With Love
06 – Looking For My Head
07 – Boots Of Ascension (Part 1) (fade out probably due to tape change)
08 – Boots Of Ascension (Part 2) (fade in)
09 – Your Illusion
10 - Don´t Stop Too Far
11 - Zombies In The Slave Trade


F/i are:
Brian Wensing - Guitar, Effects
Rick Hake - Drums
Doug Walker - Synths
Grant Richter - Electronics
??? - Bass