ProgDay '11
Day 1, Band 1 - Fibonacci Sequence
Sep 3rd, 2011 ~10:30pm - Noon
Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Michael J. Butzen - guitar
Jeffrey Schuelke - keyboards
Tom Ford - drums
Chad Novell - bass

1. Welcome to ProgDay (1:56)
2. song 1 (?) (2:52)
3. song 2 (?) (9:29)
4. Primrose Path (7:16)
5. All Saints Day (7:40)
6. Catlord (9:22)
7. CD sales pitch (1:28)
8. Work in Progress (7:14)
9. dedication to Paul Kopecky (1:16)
10. Missing Time (8:54)
11. Faunus (12:44)
12. Turkish Taffy (5:44)
13. thank yous (1:17)
14. IO (10:14)
15. morning announcements (1:18)

Total Time: 1:28:44

Tascam DP-004 digital recorder -> WAV ->
Cool Edit '96 (filtering & track split) ->
FLAC Frontend -> flac files


Fibonacci Sequence plays a heavy, complex brand
of instrumental prog music. They kicked off the
"official" portion of ProgDay with a great
performance, setting a heavy tone that would be
continued by several other bands and an
all-instrumental theme that would also be continued
by many of the bands.

This recording came out really well. There was no
distortion at all, and with a little EQ tweaking in
CoolEdit, I ended up with a great sounding recording.

About ProgDay:

ProgDay is an outdoor festival of progressive rock
that has been held annually since 1995. In 1996 it
was expanded from one day to two and has been hosting
anywhere from eight to eleven progressive rock bands
each year since. The event takes place at beautiful
Storybook farm, unless rain forces it indoors (which
has fortunately only happened twice in the festival's
history). It's a relaxed atmosphere, where you can
view from anywhere you want - right up against the stage
for the bands you like, or back in the vendor tent while
CD shopping during bands you're not wild about. The
people are friendly, and the band members often hang out
all weekend taking in the show and chatting with fans
when they're not on stage. If you're a prog rock fan
and can possibly attend, it's well worth the effort.
The festival just barely breaks even (or sometimes
doesn't), so every ticket sold really helps. Go if
you can.

About Fibonacci Sequence: