Various artists at the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, University of Aberdeen Scotland 2018-07-11, broadcast live for BBC Radio Scotland "Travelling Folk", BBC live 320kbps HLS stream, ts audio transfers

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Anna Massie presents a live session programme from Aberdeen featuring musicians who have come to the city to take part in the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention. She'll be celebrating fiddle music from the USA, Galicia, Mexico and Hungary including live performances from Brittany Haas and dancer Nic Gareiss, Begona Riobo and Xose Liz, Jani Lang and Janos Kallai and Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas.

The North Atlantic Fiddle Convention is a cultural exchange and meeting place for artists, academics, and enthusiasts. At its heart is a convention that brings together scholars, practitioners, teachers and other stakeholders to share ideas, practices, research and knowledge about the field of fiddle performance and related dance, from the cultures and diasporas of the North Atlantic region. Uniquely structured, NAFCo combines a festival with an academic conference, featuring interactive workshops, concerts, interviews, public lectures, academic papers, busking, and live-music sessions in pubs.

01 Nic Gareiss with Brittany Haas and Natalie Haas:
Queen of the Earth/Child of the Stars
Indian 8 and the Woodchuck
Going Down to Hamburg

02 talk

03 Begona Riobo , Xose Liz and Alfonso Franco:
Pasodoble Morello
Muineira de Negroes/Muineira do Areal
Yota Da Mahia

04 Osiris Ramses Cabillero de Leon, Maria Jorge and Hugo Franco:
El Querreque
El Gallo
La Xochipitzahuatl

Jani Lang and Janos Kallai:

Zolu Erdoben
Hora Lautareaset

06 talk

07 Nordic Fiddlers Bloc - Da Scallowa Lasses / Lorna's Reel

08 Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas - St Kilda Wedding/Brose and Butter
Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas with Nic Gareiss - Farley Bridge
Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas with Nic Gareiss and Brittany Haas - Pitnacree Ferryman

09 outro