Muscle Shoals Music Hall
Sheffield, AL.

Source: Soundboard (mono) > Edirol R-09
Transfer: SD > HDD > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > FLAC > Traders' Little Helper

"Volkswagen Catfish" CD Release Party

Russell Mefford: guitar and vocals
Rob Malone: guitar and vocals
David MacKay: bass guitar
Daniel Ledford: drums
Clint Bailey: keyboards

Set one:
01- Intro by Jerry Phillips
02- Tension
03- Heartbreak Escapade
04- You Come to Me
05- Rob & Russell introduce Donna Jean Godchaux MacKay and Kelvin Holly
06- Noble Lie (with Donna Jean and Kelvin Holly)
07- I'm Not the One (with Donna Jean)
08- Tuning (because we care)
09- When the Axe Fell (with Brian Ferris)
10- Volkswagen Catfish (with Brian Ferris)
11- Rag Man
12- Tuning/Donna Jean rap
13- Sympathize
14- Intro Mitch Mann
15- Crows (with Mitch Mann)
16- Small Town Factory Man

running time: 1:05:39

Set two:

01- Second set intro
02- Blackness
03- September
04- Looking For a Way Out
05- Memphis Women and Fried Chicken (Donnie Fritts)
06- The Rockin' Chair
08- Can't Complain
09- Encore break
10- Slide on Down the Road

running time: 52:38:28

The Fiddleworms debuted their new album, recorded at The Nutt-House with producer-engineer Jimmy Nutt. The band packed about 250 people into the room and had to turn people away. They played the entire album and a few favorites. I was able to plug into the soundboard, but only got a mono pull. But fear not, it's very sweet! You will not be disappointed!

The band had several notable musicians who appeared on the album AND at the show, including Donna Jean Godchaux MacKay (Grateful Dead, Donna Jean and the Tricksters), Brian Ferris (The Kojaks), Kelvin Holly (Amazing Rhythm Aces), Mitch Mann (Crows),

See the band on tour, buy their merch and support live independent music! Enjoy the show and dig worms!