Field Music - No 6 Festival Portmerion UK - September 16th 2012 (BBC 6Music digital capture)

Songs from the concert were broadcast on two separate shows: Marc Riley (16th Sept) including an interview, and Gideon Coe (19th Sept). Duplicate songs from the second broadcast have been removed. The number in the track listing gives which show the track comes from.

01 Interview (1)
02 Start the Day Right (1)
03 It's OK to Change (1)
04 Sorry Again Mate (1)
05 Rockist (1)
06 In Context (1)
07 Let's Write A book (1)
08 If Only the Moon was Up (2)
09 Who'll pay the Bills (2)
10 Effortlessly (2)

Lineage get_iplayer (--type=radio --raw --mode=flashaacstd1 --get NNNNNN) -> flvextract -> mp3directcut (no reencoding)

NB: 6 Music is a digital station, broadcasting on terrestrial radio with 128k MP2 @44100, Satellite at 160k MP2 @48000, and as various online streams via the iplayer interface with 128k AAC @44100. According to page 7, 128K (VBR) AAC is by far the superior codec, even though the 160K MP2 has a higher bit rate. Therefore I have stopped using satellite captures for 6music. However theoretically according to dime rules, a 160K capture would be an upgrade if one emerges. It's crazy, but there you go. I no of no such capture in the trading pool at present.

I don't know a lot about Field Music - they come from the North East of the UK and include the Brewis brothers - but if you like XTC, or even early to mid 1970s prog, you'll find them interesting and well worth discovering. Very impressed indeed with this set.