Finbar Fury Radio Broadcasts In Treland 2011-2013 Recived Direct From Over
The Air F.M. Transmissions .T.V. Recived On A Phillips Nicam Set With A Dipole

Finbar Furey was born In 1946 in Dublin. Hew is an Irish folk
musician best known for The Fureys.Finbar's fathe
taught him on the Uillean pipes.

In 2013 Finbar fury scored his first number one single since 1987.
He played with the Clancy Brothers, and with Ronnie Drew.

When it comes to the songs, he's about as delicate and as dedicated an artist as
you'd expect from a performer of his years. After Sunday Mass recalls a time
when news didn't come from a handheld gadget; The Lonesome Boatman showcases
Furey's exceptional skills as a flautist. Of course, the Uillean pipes
eventually make an appearance.

RTE T.V Ch 1 V.H.F Soundcahnnel Live 12 May 2012.
Saturday Show.
01 After Sunday Mass.
02 Begging For Change.

RTE Radio Two F.M. Live 30 August 2013.
Jenny Green Program The Voice Show O2 Dublin .
03 The Last Great Love song.
04 Wilde Mountain Tyme ( Will You Go Lassie Go).
05 The Last Great Love Song.

RTE Radio One Broadcast 8 October 2013.
Love Live Music Highlight Program .
Tralee Co Kerry.
06 O Susanna.
07 Wild Mountain Tyme.
08 Carved In Stone.
09 Sweet Sixteen.
10 Colours.

RTE Radio One Broadcast 5 October 2013.
11 Lonesome Boat Man.
12 Walking With My Love.
13 The Last Great Love Song.

RTE Radio One Live 13 February 2012.
John Murray Program With Davy Arthur.
14 Sweet Sixteen
15 Steel Away.

RTE TV Ch 1 V.H.F Soundchanel Live 16 July 2011.
16 Sweet Sixteen.
17 Those Days Are Gone.

RTE Radio 1 88.5 F.M.Live 29 March 2012.
Pat Kenny Program Studi 8 with Mickky Dunne Uillnen Pipes Playing.
18 Black Bird/Starry Night.
19 O Susanna Old Time American Version.

RTE Radio One Live 26 June 2011.
Arena Program Session.
With Furys Brothers And Eamon Fury.
20 Dublin Town 1962.

Interview Segments.

RTE Radio One 13 February 2012.
Pat Kenny Program Interview With Mickey Dunne And Finbar Fuary.
21 Intervew.

RTe Radio One 29 March 2012.
John Muarry Program.
22 Interview.

Broadcast segments End.

Treansfer Infomation. All Tracks Are From Over The Air F.M. Broadcasts To Hard Drive.
Radio Was Recived On A sony Cfm S33l Unit And T.v On a Phillips Nicam Set.
Ear Out To Line In Audigy Soundforge Soundcard As Wav File At 44 Khz Bit Sampling Rate.
Traders Little Helper Flac Front End Compression Level 8 To Internet.

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