Fiona Apple
State Theatre
Ithaca, NY

Source: ATu853s > AT8532s > R09@24/48
Transfer: USB > WAV > CEP (raised gain) > CD Wave > FLAC8

Taper: Dassarri (


01 -crowd-
02 Fast as You Can
03 On the Bound
04 Shadowboxer
05 Paper Bag
06 Anything We Want
07 Get Gone
08 Werefolf
09 Sleep to Dream
10 Extraordinary Machine
11 Tymps
12 Daredevil
13 I Know
14 Every Single Night
15 Not About Love
16 Carrion
17 Criminal
18 -quick break-
-- So Sleepy (on setlist as an encore, but not performed - Fiona was too exhausted from the heat)
19 Make Believe

What a great show! We were very glad to finally catch a Fiona show, and this one close to home and the first stop of the tour, to boot. It was hot as the depths of Hell in this gorgeous theatre and Fiona makes reference to the heat multiple times (kindly asking if some spray bottles she had sent for had made their way to the crowd on the floor, as well). Some nice banter with the crowd - when you hear them boo at one point (she replies "Whatcha booing for?"), it was because the shirt she had slightly lifted to waft cool air at herself was lowered again, much to the (male) crowd's dismay. Beautifully played show and we were lucky to get a setlist from the stage, though we had seats in the balcony.