Firesign Theatre at Royce Hall - 1974-04-09 - FM

Firesign Theatre


At Royce Hall , U.C.L.A. , Westwood , CA.

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Act One

01 - Visit The World Of Yourtown , Usa With Porgy And Mudhead
02 - Go To The Little Church Around The Corner (With Pastor Flash)
03 - Take A Ride On The Spoilsport Speedway
04 - Stay At A Nice Motel And Participate In The American Pageant
05 - Join The Army And See The World

Act Two

06 - Welcome To The World Of The Future Bozo
07 - Break The President Ride
08 - Hide On The Funway And Escape Into A World Of Danger (Nick's Haunted Mansion)
09 - Beat The Reaper And Count Mrs. Presky's Load So Far
10 - Enter The Mind Of Dr. Memory, Then Leave It To The Gypsies

Tt - 61:57

Phil Proctor
Peter Bergman
Phil Austin
David Ossman

The venue and date were listed on the cassette I received in trade from the mid 70's. I have searched exhaustively for confirmation of this broadcast with no luck.

tr01 - The first couple of seconds tape worble in , and tr06 - the start of Act Two misses a half-second or so. There is a tape flip in the middle of Break the President , and the end radio announcers are clipped.

Please never convert to "Lossy" , or Remaster & Repost.

Enjoy !

77c779152fd21f946b7798452c76d444 *tr01.flac
0fc414de3d642c9902f6621bdf9cc93e *tr02.flac
c61eb79a68388dd4ea6f9592c6e92001 *tr03.flac
a4310ba898ed19520b761eeb9df8e87d *tr04.flac
25b0e2159cb6ef580b18ee3ad319a593 *tr05.flac
95d70323f1b02714ffbb730aa78bf208 *tr06.flac
946417bd42da1a8495ad597fbaf74ea3 *tr07.flac
34c31ad040275297ee842766f5ee43d4 *tr08.flac
06f29cb1b6252a44f007b676e33af66b *tr09.flac
b8cdef4b76bb36407fbbc55cd797d9e2 *tr10.flac