First Aid Kit

opening for Jack White

recorded 10 meters, left side
Church CA 14 > Sony RH 1 > Hi-MD (PCM mode)
> Sonic Stage (wav) > Audacity (level adjustment, some hard limiter on loud clapping, trackmarking) > TLH > flac level 8

trt: 42:45 min

01. King Of The World
02. Blue
03. To A Poet
04. Wolf
05. When I Grow Up
06. Dance To Another Tune
07. Emmylou
08. I Met Up With The King
09. The Lion's Roar

Klara S�derberg - guitar, vocals
Johanna S�derberg - keyboards, vocals
an unknown swede - drums, backup vocals

The swedish sisters have come to quite some fame at a young age, playing with Connor Oberst, recording for Jack White's label (which probably braught them the opening slot), getting their record in the UK charts - a lot of success for a duo (this time accompanied by another swede on drums) doing somewhat folksy popsongs.

Recorded 10 meters from stage, rather respectful audience for an opening act, little chatter, sounds nice. Had the levels a little low, raised them afterwards by 4 dB.