First Communion Afterparty - Live on KEXP @ SXSW 2009

Broadcast by KEXP, Seattle
South by Southwest Festival
from ME TV Studios, Austin, Texas
19 March 2009 - aired live
Source: Uncompressed Internet Audio Stream

Lineage: KEXP uncompressed audio stream (1411 kb/s) > wav > Audacity > FLAC level 6 > torrent

Minneapolis sextet First Communion Afterparty is another band not on the official SXSW schedule. From the KEXP website, "First Communion Afterparty’s music is the sum of equal parts tremelo, distortion, reverb, and boy/girl vocals that force you to go back and listen to all those old Jefferson Airplane LPs that your parents never listen to anymore." Retro psychedelic, maybe, but there's something fresh in their music, too.

01 Intro 0:18
02 Shone Brightly 4:14
03 2CB 5:09
04 Jesus Told You 3:58
05 Color Of My Mind 4:44
06 Outro 0:14

Total 18:37

Uploader's notes: Audio quality is about the same as analog FM due to the remote audio link from Austin to Seattle. Power-line hum was present in the original audio. Fadeout added at the end of the broadcast.