Ed Perlstein, who has archived collections by Nick Gravenites, Spencer Dryden, Steve Keyser (John Cipollina’s manager) and others, and who currently possesses John Cipollina’s personal tapes, was given the approval of John’s sister, Antonia, to share John’s live and studio outtake recordings in the interest of keeping his music alive for future generations. Steve Keyser, who recorded most of John's live shows with several different bands while he was his manager, has allowed Ed to digitize his master cassettes, and to share them with John’s fans and collectors.

Fish and Chip
Crissy Field Celebration @ Golden Gate National Recreation Area
San Francisco, CA

Source: Master Soundboard Cassette
Transfer: Cassette > Tascam 122 MkIII > ESI 24-bit USB Audio Interface > MAC pc > wav 16/44.1

01 Betty and Dupree
02 Howard Hughes Blues (1)
03 Dance With Me (2)
04 The Butcher's Boy
05 Closer/

Barry Melton - guitar, vocals
John Cipollina - guitar, vocals
Peter Albin - bass, vocal
Spencer Dryden - drums
(1) w/ Mike Wilhelm - guitar, vocals
(2) w/ Robbie Hoddinott - guitar, vocals


- Partial recording
- Closer fades out at end
- Pitch corrected -1.9%

Source provided by Steve Keyser
Transfer by Ed Perlstein
Pitch checked byBill Reutelhuber
Files tagged by Mike Schunke
Artwork by Bruno
Edited and mastered by Bruno
June 2022

Always available at www.archive.org/details/JohnCipollina

flac fingerprints:

01 Betty and Dupree.flac:1e6800af0506473dfb8ce89c1c8d3dfe
02 Howard Hughes Blues.flac:629837467e733af5133787b3c20d0fd9
03 Dance With Me.flac:726fff18a7eecd82b01d30a2ab41dc51
04 The Butchers Boy.flac:7269cce531d9d0a19fecc2f1c01fddd1
05 Closer.flac:6c9809d9ceb336f996d7e30b187a6fa4

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