Fishbone - Live at the Metro in Sydney, Australia
April 9, 2007

Source/Lineage: Core Sounds Binaurals (pointed towards stage to minimise crowd noise) -> MZ-RH1 (line-in, HiMD SP) -> Cooledit Pro 2.0 (30-band graphic EQ) -> Soundforge 9.0c w/Izotope Ozone 3 Mastering Plugin -> FLAC Level 5

Recorded, mastered and processed by: Yours truly ... Starclassic.

Location: Stage left, 2 raised rows behind dancefloor.

This bootleg goes out to the dudes who have been crying for more Fishbone. It was then that I remembered I had made such a recording and decided to pull it out of my archive just for you.

What can I say about these guys? Three hours of just sheer crunch 'n' funk that just never sounded like it was ever ending, even when we did reach the supposed end!! These guys are some of the hardest working musos out there and more importantly, they know how to have fun which then becomes contagious enough for the audience to feel ... immensely! Of course, when they played Servitude at the very end, that's when my eyes lit up and my ears took in all that wonderful air filled with balls, chunk, groove - the essence of music.

...and please, don't sell this bootleg, otherwise you're just plain old scum. That and I'll get Angelo to show you where the trombone goes when he forces you to touch your toes.