Flaco Jimenez
McCabes Guitar Shop
Santa Monica, California
May 2, 1981

01. Open Up Your Heart (?)
02. (unknown song title)
03. (unknown song title)
04. Do Re Me ***
05. Volver Volver ***
06. He'll Have To Go ***
07. (unknown song title)
08. La Bamba >
09. Twist and Shout
10. Un Mojado Sin Licencia

*** W/ Ry Cooder

Recorded by: Jim Milano
unknown microphones and stereo cassette deck (possibly a Technics RS686-no Dolby)
> Akaii GX570-DII w/ Dolby (TDK AD C-90) (my copy)

Transfer: Nakamichi CR7-A w/ Dolby, Bias @ 120us, azimuth aligned > Korg mn-2000s 1 Bit 2.8 MHz DFF >
Audiogate (24-96) > Audacity (clean up) > Audiogate (16-44) > CD Wav > Flac (Level 8) > Stamp ID3 Tag Editor

The tape deck was paused between most songs.
Many old school tapers did this as tape was expensive and this was supposed to save $$.
I avoided this practice because you inevitably missed the beginning of the next song.
Some effort has been made to remove the swooshing sound of the pause button and smooth out these breaks.
Cheers to my old friend JIM for passing this tape on to me and now you.
Many of these song titles are unknown to me and any help is appreciated.
For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use.
Flying M Productions - (May 2012)