FLAMIN' GROOVIES - Piledriver 1 & 2 (1979-07-XX + 1979-11-XX KSAN-FM Radio Studio, San Francisco, California)

Piledriver 1:
(July 1979 KSAN-FM Radio Studio, San Francisco, California
hosted by Sean Donahue & Ron Sanchez with guests The Flamin' Groovies:
Cyril Jordan, Chris Wilson, Mike Wilhelm, George Alexander, David Wright)
01. "Piledriver" intro theme
02. Sean Donahue intro
*** The Flamin Groovies - Shake Some Action
03. The Flamin' Groovies - 5-D (instrumental)
*** The Flamin' Groovies - You're My Wonderful One
04. talking
05. The Flamin' Groovies - Ladyfriend (instrumental)
06. The Flamin' Groovies - 19th Nervous Breakdown (instrumental)
*** The Flamin' Groovies - Boys
07. talking
*** The Flamin' Groovies - 19th Nervous Breakdown
08. talking
09. The Flamin' Groovies - Yes I Am (instrumental)
10. talking
*** Dave Edmunds - I'm Coming Home
*** Floyd Dakil Combo - Dance Franny Dance
*** Pete Dunton - Takin' Time
*** Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
*** Love - 7 And 7 Is
11. talking
12. Sean Donahue station ID
*** The Rolling Stones - Bright Lights, Big City
*** The Rolling Stones - I Wanna Be Loved
*** The Yardbirds - I'm Not Talkin'
*** The Rolling Stones - Meet Me In The Bottom
*** The Pretty Things - Don't Bring Me Down
13. talking
*** The Kinks - Milk Cow Blues
*** The Rolling Stones - Sad Day
*** Little Richard - Hey Hey Hey
*** The Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action
14. closing remarks

Piledriver 2 - Son Of Swinging Singles Party:
(early-November 1979 KSAN-FM Radio Studio, San Francisco, California
hosted by Sean Donahue, Ron Sanchez & Michael Schneider with guests Cyril Jordan & Mike Wilhelm)
01. Piledriver intro
*** The Who - Maryanne (With The Shakey Hands) [alternate]
*** Small Faces - The Universal
*** Small Faces - Tin Soldier
*** Small Faces - Donkey Rides / A Penny A Glass
*** The Yardbirds - Ha Ha Said The Clown
02. talking
*** The Yardbirds - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
*** The Yardbirds - Psycho Daisies
*** Ian Whitcomb - You Really Turn Me On
*** The Honeycombs - Have I The Right
*** The Undertakers - Mashed Potato
*** Valerie Mountain - (Theme from) Some People
03. talking
*** Barry Goldberg Reunion - Blowin' My Mind
*** The Leaves - Hey Joe
*** Beau Brummels - Just A Little
*** Lyme & Cybelle - Follow Me
*** Merry-Go-Round - Live
*** The Monkees - A Girl That I Knew Somewhere
04. talking
*** Chicago Loop - My Baby Come To Me
*** Spencer Davis Group - Can't Get Enough / Gimme Some Lovin'
05. talking
*** The Byrds - Eight Miles High
*** Moby Grape - Omaha
*** The Mothers Of Invention - Why Don't You Do Me Right
*** Paul Revere & The Raiders - Hungry
*** Paul Revere & The Raiders - Just Like Me
06. talking
07. talking
*** The T-Bones - Whatever Shape Your Stomach's In
*** The Markettes - Out Of Limits
*** The Sunrays - I Love For The Sun
*** The Cyrkle - Turn Down Day
*** Jefferson Airplane - Runnin' Round This World
*** The Vejtables - I Still Love You
08. talking
*** The Mystery Trend - Johnny Was A Good Boy
*** Los Bravos - Black Is Black
*** Los Bravos - Bring A Little Lovin'
*** The Easybeats - Can't Find Love
*** The Easybeats - Made My Bed And Now I'm Gonna Lie In It
*** Creation - Try And Stop Me
*** The Move - Disturbance
*** The Idle Race - Knocking Nails Into My House
*** The Pyramids - Penetration
09. outro

Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\01. Piledriver intro theme.flac:606e7d0d134f43cc971198b579371f8f
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\02. Sean Donahue intro.flac:31ab0d7059e773e7d195fb40a4f86738
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\03. The Flamin' Groovies - 5-D (instrumental).flac:ca50f7221a3ca56d96ac8b4860a77d7b
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\04. talking.flac:9cf64b1ecf1a6f965ad0caebb1279b7b
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\05. The Flamin' Groovies - Ladyfriend (instrumental).flac:2b39a7fa27ada6a35e55c1d242971a3b
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\06. The Flamin' Groovies - 19th Nervous Breakdown (instrumental).flac:90316c9f41e0fac5d4d6e310758d07cc
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\07. talking.flac:197a442e213eb46a6c4160b22baad7af
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\08. talking.flac:7342ea87db9e83f041b48433529344f8
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\09. The Flamin' Groovies - Yes I Am (instrumental).flac:c88e39e4099c3e77529c7e5aa2f912e6
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\10. talking.flac:8f5c4d2ddfdafe5120c7fcffca916342
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\11. talking.flac:ecd9d4205d65a971bf4daec063692358
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\12. Sean Donahue station ID.flac:7cb3dc1963dbb985bfc92f517d73133b
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\13. talking.flac:6e2ea1a516019293850c8cf9776fac10
Piledriver 1 (1979-07-XX)\14. closing remarks.flac:06447adfb27bc7a1ff904c6de3e45cae
Piledriver 2 (1979-11-XX)\01. Piledriver intro.flac:c9bf2761a5d559652716b8a6f3d5321c
Piledriver 2 (1979-11-XX)\02. talking.flac:05e3e7c305fb807ef50ac177cda3c36d
Piledriver 2 (1979-11-XX)\03. talking.flac:9514faac54f910748174341f57f6f6c2
Piledriver 2 (1979-11-XX)\04. talking.flac:fbc5949426cd2a2ca5f21c87cefcdc93
Piledriver 2 (1979-11-XX)\05. talking.flac:219f565e3b40a8cf04d321c114c103e0
Piledriver 2 (1979-11-XX)\06. talking.flac:a773d4caef3f7e788ebf440b8036f2fd
Piledriver 2 (1979-11-XX)\07. talking.flac:a309295224a98df7c8f2d3ab26cca6e2
Piledriver 2 (1979-11-XX)\08. talking.flac:a3ee68e6632f37d06077095cbb3b4722
Piledriver 2 (1979-11-XX)\09. outro.flac:7f766150bf1a23cc8266912ef3636b19

LINEAGE: KSAN-FM radio broadcast > off-air master cassette (Jim) > CD-R (trade) > EAC wav (hard drive) > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > Dime

I'm reaching the bottom of the barrel of my Flamin' Groovies collection. This oddity is particulary special because it includes instrumental backing tracks from several songs off the Jumpin' In The Night album which are unavailable elsewhere. The reason these 1978 Eden & Advision Studio backing tracks were used was that the Groovies didn't even have a copy of the Jumpin' In The Night album yet at the time they went into KSAN to play guest DJs.

Piledriver was a radio show that aired on KSAN-FM in San Francisco from 1978-1979, late Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings (2-4 a.m.). The Flamin' Groovies appeared on the show a couple of times. Part of the show was the "Swinging Singles Party" which was an opportunity for guests to bring their favorite singles to play.

There are sound problems throughout due to the age of these cassette tapes that were transferred to CD-R in April 2002. Here are the notes sent to me by the person who owned the tapes and did the transfer (Jim):
I decided to burn it to CD because the ancient C-120 cassette would not play any longer. In fact, you can hear it self-destruct on the "Can't Get Enough" Spencer Davis track as the tape gets eaten by the deck. I performed some surgery to get the last bit of tape to play! The tape was in horrible shape as you will hear when you play The Who song at the start. It is full of drop outs - I have replaced the songs I had access to with CD versions (in mono to match the 45s). The remaining stuff I EQ'd to lose some of the bass. The tape was slightly better near the middle. I wish I could offer a higher quality version of this show - but it's fun nonetheless.

*** All officially released tracks (45 singles) have been ommitted from this torrent.

Total time: 28:50 + 10:49 = 39:39.

Thanks to Jim for making these rarities available, and to Ron Sanchez for notes about what Piledriver was.
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