The Flaming Lips
Roseland Theater
Portland, Oregon USA

Source: Sony ECM-909 > Sony TCD-D8@44.1/16
Conversion: TCD-D8 > MOTU 828 > Audacity

Music Against Brain Degeneration Revue; Sebadoh, Robyn Hitchcock, Sonic Boom's E. A. R., Cornelius and IQU opened.

Recorded from the balcony. This was the first night I used the DAT recorder; sadly it was a few months before I decided the old microphone I'd used in the '80s with my D6 wasn't going to cut it, and upgraded to Core Sound binaurals.

01 Soundcheck (The Spiderbite Song)
02 Race for the Prize
03 Riding to Work in the year 2025
04 Thirty Five Thousand Feet of Despair
05 Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
06 She Don't Use Jelly
07 Slow-Nerve-Action
08 Waitin' for a Superman
09 When You Smile
10 The Gash


11 The Spark That Bled

Recorded by markinpdx
Seeded 2012 by markinpdx