Flaming Lips!
Live at Flavet Field, the old Bandshell @ UF, Gainesville Florida
home of the 3 national championships in 1 year!!!!!
4/15/07 Free Show!!!

recorded by Jimbo Charna
Setup: schoeps mk4v>kcy active cable>vms5u schoeps preamp> creative nomad 3 jukebox 16 bit/48k
dithered down to 44.1k using soundforge 7.0, tracking by cd wave editor, flac'd by flac front end (level 6)

the band:

Wayne:vocals, guitar
steven: guitar, vocals, keys
Kliph: drums

the set:


1 intro
2 Race for the prize
3 Tapsmir
4 fight test
5 free radicals
6 yoshimi pt 1
7 yoshimi pt 2
8 Vein of stars
9 stravinski (small clip, this was how it was listed on the setlist!)


1 Yeah yeah yeah song
2 taps>(used as an intro into...)
3 Waiting for a superman
4 Pompeii (absolutely stunning!)
5 She dont use jelly
6 Do you Realize?
7 Wonderful world (l. armstrong version, over the PA as we left!)

no encore due to 10 pm curfew, set ran 87 minutes.

Special thanks to the band for allowing me to record......even though they may seem like a taper unfriendly band,
these guys are very cool with audio tapers! We also got special permission to film, and the results will see the
light of day eventually!

posted 4/16/07 to etree by Jimbo

See you all on Les Claypool tour this summer!!

Jimbo Charna