Band: The Flaming Lips
Venue: Which Stage Bonnaroo Festival
Location: Manchester TN
Date: 6-17-2007 (Saturday's late night show, but didnt start till after midnight)

Source: Sound Pros SP-CMC-4U Audio Technica U853's > XLR - ISI-1 >
M-Audio Microtrack (44.1khz 16 bit) {Mics in hat-XY Directly next to board Right}

Recorded & Seeded By Basshead

Transfer: Soundforge 9.0 Pro (Fade in fade out only)-> CDWave for track splits->
FLAC Frontend.

Disc 1
01 Wayne Speaking to the Crowd around 11pm after War Pigs Soundcheck
02 Intro as the spaceship lands
03 Race For The Prize
04 Tapsmir
05 Fight Test
06 Free Radicals
07 Mountainside
08 Yoshimi Part 1
09 Yoshimi Part 2
10 Vein of Stars
11 Wayne on politics
12 Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

Disc 2
01 Wayne Intro > Taps > Waiting For a Superman
02 Pompeii AM Gotterdammerung
03 She Don't Use Jelly
04 Do You Realize?!?
Encore 1:
05 The W.A.N.D.
06 What is the Light?
07 The Observer
Encore 2:
08 Moonlight Mile
09 Approching Pavonis Mons by Balloon the spaceship ascends...

Great show, tough to record though. At the 10 minute mark there is a pop, that was a balloon popping on someone elses mic rig. There were hundreds of ballons, some popping here and there...boom! no good for recordings. At 23 minutes, 27:14, and 37:57 I get my own balloon off the back of my hat..minimal diginoise as a result. Had a great time at the Lips like always, but the lamest crowd of the weekend. People pushing and shoving for 2 hours trying to get closer, only to talk and talk and talk. I was still as can be up against the soundboard fence and getting swung around the whole time. Balloons everywhere! And many people in the crowd were more entralled by the lasers, naked girls and balloons to notice the space ship land, the aliens play a rock show and then depart leaving us happier and better people. Im hoping there are better recordings, but until they get posted this is pretty good. Lots of rare songs, enjoy! -basshead