The Flaming Lips

Sept. 19, 2007
Roseland Theater
Portland, OR
*a thir13en blend*
SBD: yltfan
AUD: robertd

01 Ta Da!
02 Race For The Prize
03 Tapsmir
04 Free Radicals
05 Fight Test
06 banter
07 Mounutain Side
08 banter
09 Vein Of Stars > Firebird Suite Finale
10 banter
11 Yoshimi Pt. 1 (Stripped version)
12 banter (10 year aniv. of Zaireeka)
13 Riding To Work In The Year 2025 (You're Invisible now)
14 Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung
15 banter (get this motherfucker out of here)
16 Yeah Yeah Yeah Song with Intro Sing Along
17 banter (vote for someone who's going to stop this war)
18 Taps > Superman
19 The WAND
20 banter (silly costumes and smiles)
21 Do You Realize?
22 encore break
23 She Don't Use Jelly
24 encore break > banter
25 Moonlight Mile (Jagger/Richards)

Thanks to soundtech extraordinaire Chris Chandler, the band, the Roseland, robertd, and thir13en.

Pics by yltfan

Enjoy, share, and don't ever sell this!

Source info:
SBD>iriver h140 recorded by yltfan
AUD Schoeps MK4s>Nbox>R-09 recorded by robertd