10,000 Lakes Ferstival
July 23rd to 26
Soo Pass Ranch
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
The Flaming Lips
July 25th, 2008 ~9:00PM
Main Stage

Source: Josephson's C42MP -> Marantz PMD 660 -> CF* @ 16bits/44.1Khz
Configuration: X-Y
Distance: about 150 to 200 feet, 10 feet to the right and 10 in front of the SBD
Height: 8'-0"

Transfer: CF Card* (Lexar Pro UDMA - 300x) -> PC
Remastering: Wavelab - Ozone, Minor Graphical Edits -> CD Wave -> FlacFrontend (L8) -> Traders Little Helper (checks included)

Recording, transfer and editing by Michael Townshend (mtownshend1@gmail.com)
August 14, 2008

Disk One:
01. Intro
02. Race For The Prize
03. Free Radicals
04. The Song Remains the Same (Led Zep cover)
05. Fight Test
06. Mountain Side
07. Vein Of Stars
08. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1

Disk Two:
01. Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung
02. Yeah Yeah Yeah Warmup
03. Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
04. Taps
05. The W.A.N.D.
06. She Don't Use Jelly
07. Crowd/Chatter
08. Do You Realize

Total Time: 2 hours, 5 minutes, 8 seconds

I thouroughly enjoy using these Josephson mics. Thanks -J

As far as my ears had learned from several other bands on this stage, the lawn was in the sweet spot, tho farther than normal back, the stacks were aimed back that far. There were tapers located 75+ feet up at the Videogrepher's tent, in "the bowl" which was a concrete floor with a bowl shaped wall at the rear. I didn't want anything to do with taping on concrete in front of a 6' wall, not that they got horrible sound, mind you, I don't know.

Visit: http://www.10klf.com/artists.php to learn more about the festival and the lineup
The Flaming Lips:
Wayne Coyne-Vocals
Ronald Jones-Guitarist
Michael Ivins-Bassist
Steven Drozd-Drummer
(Please let me know if I have this lineup wrong)


b643a93c059b95b0ad0eb67bbfc1f70f *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t01-Intro.flac
9c3927147c4aba7a68fb9ffe73acbdcd *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t02-Race For The Prize.flac
15d33b474df7541c5c395668c9bdb251 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t03-Free Radicals.flac
40cb5b76b885f70dd1406cc83b298020 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t04-The Song Remains the Same.flac
c685bbc1cbf29be51600cb25aca886b9 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t05-Fight Test.flac
a5e14511fa938ae16e9afc2c87942171 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t06-Spacey Modulation-Banter.flac
738eb040137a08054c340ef793833f92 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t07-Mountain Side.flac
5148b492ba1545083dc354464615bf34 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t08-Vein Of Stars.flac
1c40075602dbb1fd3e9280ecea53eafe *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t09-Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1.flac
b9394cd270ade1bcfe83c2b73bc38f96 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t01-Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung.flac
3fe7541c078b9750a6938373b1f920b4 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t02-Yeah Yeah Yeah Warmup-Political RantPolitical Rant.flac
039387ee07cb7f573475df304e5aff31 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t03-Yeah Yeah Yeah Song.flac
7aa1253bf765e4f23aa503f9d84d93bf *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t04-Taps.flac
76075146cf24d4aecb5df215fbbbdafb *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t05-The W.A.N.D..flac
d5dbd68fcc06aee226c6ce37dcafc367 *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t06-She Don't Use Jelly.flac
a7d5b0a094f05e020ec61f0bf5e596ca *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t07-Crowd.flac
af5d564f5841d6fb5cdd1bac2b6bee7a *Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t08-Do You Realize.flac
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t01-Intro.flac:7a3a377c9fd62aad596dfc61268806fb
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t02-Race For The Prize.flac:7535e6331f78dc284f83c998125f4251
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t03-Free Radicals.flac:72029dcfc83fc1b5abe1abbed52f6a17
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t04-The Song Remains the Same.flac:d15987ca7ba05d498af6556d834130cb
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t05-Fight Test.flac:fae9e24b73f28cf59b02274be7408f67
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t06-Spacey Modulation-Banter.flac:5960d981bbd48044ee10f0f6c47a3109
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t07-Mountain Side.flac:0d95e58a4790a7624c601979fe36fa0c
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t08-Vein Of Stars.flac:9446ff9130b033d8ee82adcbad1c5b97
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d1t09-Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1.flac:5ca477df189a6258f3aea725bbe9970f
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t01-Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung.flac:2fd83059852a4331cf86edafe7730677
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t02-Yeah Yeah Yeah Warmup-Political RantPolitical Rant.flac:b2cf1d21e4c9f6e932b7f8a3e367a549
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t03-Yeah Yeah Yeah Song.flac:56bdaf2333e262bf0bfce43f00f5d792
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t04-Taps.flac:17e903753d2da559909f09cb90edcc49
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t05-The W.A.N.D..flac:f64d6f3632ad478e857c7a2c461c09ce
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t06-She Don't Use Jelly.flac:c1bb60cef0bac0d58df1c5d4cd47ff85
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t07-Crowd.flac:6f12c39e87b18189b24063cdc12cc53d
Flaming Lips 2008-07-31d2t08-Do You Realize.flac:f2e45770c6e30691aabcd23e2d989b0a