Flaming Lips

JFI Productions and DINC Studio SF present an exclusive recording for Psychiatric Explorations of The Ever Enlarging Brain. The Flaming Lips perform the Soft Bulletin Live. Cox Center, Oklahoma City, OK. January 1st 2011 audio matrix.

Audio Source 1 recorded by Jim "Jimbo" Charna using his Schoeps 4V mics.
Audio Source 2 recorded by Derek "Drock" Dubuque using his Church Audio 9100s mics.

Both 16/48 WAV sources were brought into Final Cut and synced using Pluraleyes plug in. Sequence was exported to 16/44 AIFF. 16/44 AIFF brought into CD Spin Doctor where it was tracked. Individual AIFF files exported from CD Spin Doctor. FLAC level 8 and SBEs removed with xACT audio tool for OSX. Then to you. Enjoy.

TRT 1 hr 28 min.
01 Race For The Prize
02 A Spoonful Weighs A Ton
03 The Spark That Bled
04 The Spiderbite Song
05 Buggin'
06 Slow Motion
07 What Is The Light?
08 The Observer
09 Waitin For A Superman
10 Suddenly Everything Has Changed
11 The Gash
12 Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
13 Sleeping On The Roof

Drock and Jimbo would like to thank the Flaming Lips for allowing us to tape.