The Flaming Lips
Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood, CA, USA

1.Eclipse Intro
2.Over the Rainbow
(Judy Garland cover)
3.Speak to Me / Breathe
4.On the Run
6.Breathe (Reprise)
7.We're Off To See The Wizard
8.Laser Hands
9.The Great Gig In The Sky (w/ Peaches)
11.O E O
12.Us and Them
13.Any Colour You Like
14.If I Only Had A Brain
15.Brain Damage
17.She Don't Use Jelly
18.The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
19.Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
20.Is David Bowie Dying??
21.Do You Realize??

Sitlist taken from for reference. the actual track
number on the recording are different but the content is the same.
Source info is as follows:
Equipment used
Pair of Nuemann U-89i's (cardiod) ORTF + one Earthworks SR-77 Facing Forward
3 mic mix down using Soundforge. 50hz roll off done in post.
Recorded, Mastered, and Posted by Pat Myers AKA DATPAT