The Flamimg Lips
AllGood music festival
July 20th 2012
Thornville, OH

Church Audio CA-11 > SPSB-8 > Tascam DR-2d
Encoded FLAC with Trader's Little Helper
EQ'd and tracked with Audacity


01 Race For The Prize
02 Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
03 On The Run
04 Is David Bowie Dying ?
05 ?
06 ?
07 ?
08 Pompei En Gottamdammerung
09 ?
10 ?
11 Do You Realize ?

This show was pretty much plagued with high winds, drunken wookies,
beach balls, and a PA system that sounded like a 2400 watt amplified subwoofer
in the trunk of a '82 Monte Carlo all of which are present throughout the recording.
Quality of tracks 1 and 2 had all of the above mentioned issues.
House sound was so "boomy" that I doubt anyone will be posting much from Allgood