The Flaming Lips
Track 29
Chattanooga, Tn

One Set(1:51:40)
01- Crowd/Intro
02- Look... The Sun Is Rising
03- The Terror
04- The W.A.N.D.
05- Silver Trembling Hands
06- Try To Explain
07- You Lust
08- One More Robot
09- Hypnotist
10- If
11- Heroes
12- Butterfly
13- Turning Violent
14- All We Have Is Now
15- Do You Realize??
16- Always There... In Our Hearts
17- Race For The Prize

Source: Akg460B/Ck61(Nos)>V2>Korg Mr1000(24/48) @Sbd ~5'Loc @~7.5' By John M
Transfer: Mr1000>Audiogate(16/44.1)>Cdwave>Tlh(Flac16) By John M

Notes: Packed House, Fun Show. They Turned The Massive Ceiling Fan On High Before The Lips Came On So It Was Like A Mild Windstorm The Entire Show. Slight Wind Noise Can Be Heard Between Songs At Times. Thanks To Chad, Jason, Denise, And Deanna For Blocking And Making Trips To The Bar.

Thanks To The Band And Bubba Et Al At Track 29 For Being Taper Friendly!!