Flatland Harmony Experiment
July 14,2012
Stable Studios

source:sbd > CA-9100 > Dell mini 10 > Audacity @ 24/96
tracked and downsampled in Audacity > TLH level 8
taped,shared by indydarkstar

01.Get Up And Dance
04.Brokedown Palace
05.Equipment Issues
06.Two Hits And The Joint Turned Brown
07.Musicians Lament
08.Secret In The Seams
09.Midnight Moonlight>Hobo Song>Midnight Moonlight
10.Doin My Time
11.Right Kind Of Crazy
12.Fat Bottom Girls
13.Touch Of The Masters Hand
14.Movin On
15.Glendale Train
17.El Comanchero

thanks to the band for the hospitality and
the sound crew for the patch
a broken bass string created some issues the first few songs