Flatland Harmony Experiment
December 31,2013
Thompson House

source:CA-11 omni > CA-9100 > DR-40 @ 16/44.1
transfer:SD > Audacity > CDWAV > TLH
taped,transferred,shared by indydarkstar

01.//On My Way
02.All Aboard
03.Salt Creek>>If You're Ever in Oklahoma
04.Just Over the Line
05.Ballad of John Peter
06.Blue and Lonesome
07.My Lady
09.The Bubble Song
10.Big Spike Hammer
11.New Day
12.Buy the Ticket Take the Ride
13.Brokedown Palace
15.Move ON
16.Wicked Path of Sin

caveat:single mic volume was low and crowd wasn't

thanks to the band for a great set and the hospitality
please support artists who allow us to do this
go see a show,buy some stuff,take a friend

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