THE FLATLANDERS - The Cutting Room, New York City January 26th 2004 "FM Broadcast"

The Cutting Room
New York City
January 26th 2004

FM Stereo Broadcast (90.7 WFUV FM Radio)

Recieved in trade as single track CDR

No Details: Master>CDR>EAC>Soundforge 8 (Track Marks, Fades, Edits)>FLAC

Mastered & Artwork by JTT, December 2006

01. Do You Love Me Still
02. Wheels Of Fortune
03. I'm Gonna Strangle You Shorty
04. Back To My Old Molehill
05. Eggs Of Your Chicken
06. Wishin' For You
07. Neon Of Nashville
08. Julia
09. Wavin' My Heart Goodbye
10. Gimme A Ride To Heaven
11. White Freight Liner Blues
12. See The Way
13. Interview with Claudia Marshall