The Flatlanders
April 6, 2013
Mayne Stage, Chicago

Joe Ely: vocals, guitar
Jimmie Dale Gilmore: vocals, guitar
Butch Hancock: vocals, guitar
Robbie Gjersoe: guitar
Jimmy Pettit: bass guitar
Pat Manske: drums

Lineage: Edirol R09-HR, Amadeus Pro, xAct, Transmission

01 Introduction
02 I Had My Hopes Up High
03 Babe, Do You Love Me Still
04 Waving my Heart Goodbye
05 Not That Much Has Changed
06 Julia
07 Intros & Chat
08 Rose from the Mountain
09 Homeland Refugee
10 Thank God for the Road
11 No Way I'll Never Need You
12 One Road More
13 Dallas intro
14 Dallas
15 Right Where I Belong
16 Pay the Alligator
17 Sittin' on Top of the World
18 Band intros
19 Crowd
20 If You Were a Bluebird
21 White Freight Liner Blues
22 Crowd
23 See the Way
24 Gimme a Ride to Heaven
25 Outro applause

A new venue for our heroes and a solid set from them.
There are few surprises here; from the stories about
their new album recorded 40 years ago to Robbie Gjersoe's
strong solos, it was another fine night of Flatlanders
music. Jimmie committed a little gaffe, thinking they
were playing the nearby suburb Evanston, giving Butch and
Joe something to rib him about here and there. But beyond
that, the chat was minimal; it was all about the music,
and we got the good stuff.

No editing here beyond track breaks, but a heads up that
after White Freight Liner Blues, the house lights came up
and I thought, well, good show, waited a moment and turned
the recorder off... and then they ran back out. So you'll
hear a little jump in the applause level as they return and
I frantically hit the record button again. I didn't miss
any music. There's also a moment of noise between tracks 2
and 3 as I adjust my recording level, but no music is affected.
(Close, though!)

Sorry, CD burners: You have an 86-minute recording here,
and it's going to be pretty difficult to squeeze it onto
a single CD. The introduction's just 20 seconds or so,
and even the three applause breaks -- tracks 19, 22, and
25 -- may not buy you the rest of what you need. If you're
really obsessive, there are a couple of tuning breaks you
can probably trim and that might get you there. If you're
OK using two CDs, I'd split 'em before the first encore.

They're heading east to hit Carnegie Hall this coming
weekend, which should be a good time, with a few other
Midwest and East Coast dates before and after, so if
they're in your city, stop by and say hello, and lighten
the merch table's load.

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