Flatt & Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys
New River Ranch
Rising Sun, MD

1. Intro x
2. x ?
4. The Sputnik Dog
5. Flint Hill Special
6. i know what it means to be lonesome

new show
8. Black Eyed Susie
9. Don't let your deal go down
10. Bugle Call Rag
13. I'm On My Way to Canaan's Land
15. I Won't Be Hanging Around
17. Baby You Gotta Quit That Noise

new show
19. Before I Met You
20. Earl's Breakdown
21. I'll go stepping too
22. Dimm lights and thick smoke x
23. Cotton Eyed Joe
24. Head Over Heels
25. Orange Blossom Special
26. I'll gp stepping too (dup)
27. dimm lights (dup)
28. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
29. big black train
30. I saw mom with God last night
31. What's the matter now
32. Mockingbird
33. I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome

Lester Flatt - Guitar
Earl Scruggs - Banjo
Uncle Josh Graves - Dobro
Cousin Jake Tullock - Bass
Curly Seckler - Mandolin
Paul Warren - Fiddle


There are some rough spots to this recording, the quality in most cases
is very good. I have not made any editing changes to what I extracted from CD.
The music contained on this recording certainly outweighs any imperfections in
this tape which you can hear.