Flatt + Scruggs + the Foggy Mountain Boys
New River Ranch
Rising Sun, MD

1. Lovesick And Sorrow
2. Nobody's Darling But Mine
3. Prisoner Song
5. I'll take the blame
7. On my mind
9. The Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind
10. The one way train
11. Get Lost You Wolf
12. Lost To A Stranger
13. Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky
14. Salty Dog
New show
15. Before I Met You
16. Dear old dixie
17. Steel Guitar rag ?
18. Joy Bells Ringing In My Soul
19. Give Mother My Crown
20. We'll meet again sweetheart
21. 100 hundred years from now
23. John Henry
25. The mama blues
26. Jimmy Brown the news boy
27. Down The Road
28. Working on a building
29. Roll in my sweet baby's arms
31. 9 pound hammer
32. Cousin Jake comedy x

CD Extraction via EAC
Unknown taper

There are some rough spots to this recording, the quality in most cases
is good. I have not made any editing changes to what I extracted from CD.
The music contained on this recording certainly outweighs any imperfections in
this tape which you can hear.