Flatt and Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys
New River Ranch
Rising Sun, MD

Source: Unknown

Lester Flatt - guitar
Earl Scruggs - banjo, guitar

Set list:

01. Bit of intro? > Fire on the Mountain
02. Someday We'll Meet Again, Sweetheart
03. Instrumental bit
04. Instrumental
05. Before I Met You
06. Shuckin' the Corn
07. Old MacDonald
08. I've Found A Way
09. Is There Room For Me
10. instrumental
11. Big Black Train > Wildwood Flower
12. Instrumental (cuts in and out)
13. Unknown>Instrumental
14. Have A Feast Here Tonight (Rabbit In A Log)
15. Why Did You Wander
16. Alimony Blues
17. Instrumental (Beginning)
18. Instrumental (Continued)
19. We May Meet Again Someday
20. Cotton Eyed Joe
21. Instrumental
22. Heaven
23. Instrumental
24. Salty Dog Blues
25. Beneath The Old Southern Sky
26. Instrumental

This one came without a set list, I added as best I could.
If anyone knows please list in comments and I will update.
This recording is not quite as clear as the other 2 I uploaded but still quite good.
Faded some and inbetween chatter has been edited out.