Fleet Foxes - The Metro, Sydney, Australia - January 3rd, 2009 (FM)

Broadcast: 22nd February, 2009 JJJ Live at the Wireless

Lineage: FM->Audacity(edits/split tracks)->Flac(level8)


01. Sun Giant
02. Sun It Rises
03. Drops In The River
04. English House
05. White Winter Hymnal
06. Ragged Wood
07. Your Protector
08. Crayon Angels(Judee Sill cover)/Oliver James
09. He Doesn't Know Why
10. Mykonos
11. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
12. Blue Ridge Mountains

This band just keeps on impressing - another great show by Fleet Foxes.

DJ interruptions have been removed. Photos from the gig are included.

Request: As always, if anyone has anything by Rose Elinor Dougall (or The Pipettes) to share, please do! :)

Azure Sea.