None of these titles appear on the official release:Fleetwood Mac Live At The BBC

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Date: 1967-1971
Venue: Paris Studios & unknown
City/State: London, England
Country: England
Bootleg Title: Unreleased BBC 1967-1971
Tour: Early Tours

Type: FM
Audio Quality: A-
Media: FLAC Level 8, 1CD-R

1.01. Mean Old World
1.02. I Need Your Love
1.03. May I Have A Talk With You
1.04. Shady Little Baby
1.05. Wine Whiskey & Women
1.06. Lazy Poker Blues
1.07. My Baby
1.08. Love That Burns
1.09. Yonder's Wall
1.10. Psychedelic Song
1.11. Dead Shrimp Blues
1.12. Fool That I Used To Be
1.13. Dragonfly*
1.14. Start Again*
1.15. Get Like You Used To Be*
1.16. You Need Love
1.17. Watch Out For Me
1.18. Oh Well (Version 2)

Peter Green: guitar, vocals
Danny Kirwan: guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer: guitar, vocals
John McVie: bass
Mick Fleetwood: drums
*Christine McVie: piano, vocals
Eddie Boyd: vocals

"Compilation of unreleased BBC session tracks."

Linage: FM > unknown Transfer (probably reel taped from radio with mikes) > cassette(x) > CDR(0) > EAC > cooledit (tirelessly)
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