Fleetwood Mac

Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland (REC2)

Lineage: Tape reel -> Tape reel -> PC -> Audacity -> TLH (SBEs, FLACs)
Taped by Mr. G
Transferred by Arcana
Quality: B, Audience
No Artwork

01. Homework
02. If you let me love you
03. Like it this Way
04. Something inside of me
05. My baby’s gone
06. Got to move
07. Comin' your way
08. Jigsaw puzzle blues
09. Stop messin' round
10. Albatross
11. I can’t hold out
12. Tallahassee lassie
13. Shake your moneymaker

TRT: 57:10 min

Peter Green – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Jeremy Spencer – vocals, slide guitar
Danny Kirwan – vocals, electric guitar
John McVie – bass guitar
Mick Fleetwood – drums

I call this version "recorder #2" since another recorder ("#1") from this date also exists. An incomplete version of "Recorder #1" has been torrented (and banned for being lossy) in the past as a part of a 2-CD "Helsinki 1968/1969" set.

Corrections to the setlist are welcome.

Previously uncirculated.

Looking for:
Fleetwood Mac - 1969-11-11 - Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki (Lossless FM version - all torrented FLAC versions have proved to be lossy. Often misdated as 1969-09-24)

Arcana, April 2011