Fleetwood Mac-1969-04-12 Helsinki, Kultuuritalo & Helsinki July 1968----Upgrade from FM & 2nd Gen. Audience---------!

Friends, going through my collection, I found out,
that my F.Mac Helsinki 69 FM version has 1 song more & is sounding different(better?)
than the previous upload from last year!
I also added the audience portion from the same show and all I have from Helsinki 1968!
This is a nice addition to the recent phantatistic F.Mac 8/70 uploads!
Mp3 samples below!

1969-09-24 Helsinki, Kultuuritalo:
01. Homework
02. Man Of The World,
03. Like It This Way,
04. Only You,
05. I Believe My Time Ain't Long,
06. Stranger Blues,
07. All over again aka "I�ve got a good Mind to give up living"
08. Oh Well,
09. Comin' Your Way,
10.Shake your money Maker*(not incl in previous upload)
11. Albatross,
12. Great Balls Of Fire (Tape flaws )
13.Jenny, Jenny/cut�s early

Peter Green - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Spencer - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Danny Kirwan � Guitar, Vocals
John McVie - Bass
Mick Fleetwood - Drums

FM:Unknown (low) Gen. Cassette-Nak BMX300-PDR-05 � EAC �Cool Edit- FLAC
Aud: 2nd Gen Cass. :same as above
No EQ!

Transferred, Mastered & Uploaded to Dime May 14, 2006!

Enjoy this piece of F.Mac History!