FLeetwood Mac
�rebro, Konserthuset
November 6, 1969

**First time on Dime and rarely circulated.**

Lineage: unknown Swedish taper & equipment > my unknown but apparently pretty low gen. CD-R copy (acquired in late 90's trade/swap) > wav > Audacity (for slight editing, auto-boosting levels etc.) > wav > FLAC (level 8) > Dime > all Macanatix!

Sound quality: 4 (out of 6)/vg+
Audio sample in comments.

Comes with full colour cover artwork using contemporary pix and memorabilia (PDF files). Comments welcome! :-)

CD 1:
1.It Takes Time
2.Sugar Mama
3.Like It This Way
4.Something Inside Of Me
5.Got To Move
6.Baby, Please Set A Date
7.Rattlesnake Shake / Madge
8.Worried Dream

Cd 2:
1.Only You
2.Loving Kind
3.Stranger Blues
4.The Sun Is Shining
5.Oh Well
6.Coming Your Way
7.Great Balls Of Fire
9.Jenny, Jenny
TOTAL RUN TIME: 87:59 min.

Peter "Greeny" Green - guitar, vocals
Danny "Youngeyes" Kirwan - guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer - guitar, vocals
John McVie - bass
Mick Fleetwood - drums

This is a nice companion to The Mac's November 4, 1969 Stockholm show which I uploaded here on February 13, 2015 - though with its only c. 90 min. of run time, it is considerably shorter than its Swedish Tour cousin, and unfortunately comes with less rarely played numbers. That may be the reason why I haven't had this on my "must torrent" priority list so far. However, it still has not shown up here in all the Dime years, plus I do know there are more than a few Macionados around here who may either not have it yet or only have a one of the lesser sounding copies floating around in collectorland. Therefore, it should be a useful addition to most MaCollectors' collections esp. as they do play a bunch of not-too-often-played numbers such as their tour-de-force take of Otis Rush's "It Takes Time", "Sugar Mama", and - a real rarity and gem - a not less than 10 (!) min. version of "Worried Dream" (yes, THAT number!).

Their then latest single "Rattlesnake Shake" was freshly introduced into their set in October 1969 and comes with pieces of "Madge" parts instead of the later common inclusion of "Underway". One of Mac's stage strengths were their ever changing set lists which makes collecting their live shows even more exciting. They obviously had a huge repertoire to draw from without trouble. Rather cool in my (Mac) book!

Please do NOT spread this show in lossy formats - otherwise: enjoy, trade, share!

Uploaded to Dimeadozen on December 6, 2017 by DocDondy for all fellow-Dimers to enjoy.

(Greeny's) Mac ahoy!