FLEETWOOD MAC: London, College of Distributive Trading, 1969----Great 1st Gen Audience Tape-----!

01 Like it this Way
02 One Side of Love
03 Homework
04 I�ve got a good Mind to give up living
05 Got to Move
06 I�m worried
07 Something inside of Me
08 Coming your Way
09 Albatros
10 Please stop mess arround
11 Everyday I have the Blues
12 Mean mistreatin�Mama (end cut)

Peter Green: voc, g
Jeremy Spencer.g, voc
Danny Kirwan: g,voc
Mick Fleetwood: dr
John Mc Vie:b

1st Gen Reel-Revox B77-PDR-05-EAC-flac

Transfered, mastered & uploaded to Dime Feb.18th 2006 by doc tinker!
Enjoy this great piece of Fleetwood Mac History!!