Fleetwood Mac Kiln House In S.F. 1970

Jeremy Spencer - Vocal, Guitar
Danny Kirwan - Vocal, Guitar
Christine Mcvie - Keyboards, Vocals
John Mcvie - Bass
Mick Fleetwood - Drums

Fillmore West,S.F. Aug.6,1970
2-/I'm Worried
3-I Need Religion
5-Mission Bell
6-Station Man
7-Honey Hush
9-Madison Blues
10-It's Alright Now
11-Let's Dance
12-/Tell Me All The Things You Do 1
13-/I'd Rather Go Blind
14-/Blue Suede Shoes
15-/Tell Me All The Things You Do 2/ ( From 2Nd Set )

Fillmore West,S.F. Aug.7,1970
1-I Like It This Way
2-I'd Rather Go Blind
3-Mission Bell
4-I Need Religion
5-It's Alright Now
6-You Got Me Drooling
7-Jewel Eye Judy
8-Spare Me A Little
9-I'm Worried
10-Tell Me All The Things You Do ( Instrumental Version )
11-Let's Dance
12-Teenage Darling

Fillmore West,S.F. Aug.6,1970 Backstage Interviews
1-Christine Mcvie
2-John Mcvie
3-Mick Fleetwood

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