Fleetwood Mac
Sindelfingan, West Germany
January 24, 1972

Lineage-Master Audiance Reel>DAT>CDR>WAV>FLAC

01 Tell Me All the Things You Do
02 Future Games
03 Morning Rain
04 Woman of a Thousand Years
05 Black Magic Woman
06 Get Like You Used to Be
07 Homeward Bound
08 Trinity
09 Child of Mine
10 Oh Well
11 Whole Lotta Shakin Going On

Band Line Up:

Danny Kirwin- Guitars, Vocals
Bob Welch- Guitars, Vocals
Christine McVie- Keyboards, Vocals
John McVie- Bass
Mick Fleetwood- Drums

About 10 yrs ago I was playing in a band and our drummers little
brother was going to England to study architecture for a semester.
The day he left we drove him to the airport and he offered me
gas money and I told him instead bring me back something
interesting. When he returned he handed me this DAT. He proceeded
to tell me about this guy in a music store that he met hooked him
up with all kinds of music. Since he knew I was a big Peter
Green fan he asked the guy if he had anything special he could
give him to bring me. The guy said he would find something. The
next time he saw him, the guy told him he couldn't find any Green
stuff but he found this. It certainly was interesting :-)
Soon after I was able to contact the guy via email and thats how
I learned that it was from a master reel he had obtained. For
the next few years I did quite a bit of trading with him and
then he fell off the face of the earth and I never heard from him
Anyway, sound wise I'd say this is a very Good recording,
performance wise its excellent. But the best thing about this
is the setlist. If you are into Kirwin/Welch Fleetwood Mac this
is it.



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