Fleetwood Mac
GAELIC PARK, THE BRONX, NYC 8/30/72 (47:12)
1.Homeward Bound
2.Green Manalishi
3.Future Games
4.Morning Rain
5. Trinity
6.Black Magic Woman
7.Oh Well

Christine McVie
John McVie
Mick Fleetwood
Bob Welsh
Danny Kirwin

Note: in the Fall, Kirwin was fired from the band (after ongoing erratic behavior culminated in him smashing his head against the wall and, with blood dripping, smashing his beloved Les Paul to bits prior to a gig, leaving the band to play without him). As this show illustrates (particularly on the last 2 numbers), he was still playing prime lead guitar up to that point. Another highlight is hearing Danny’s unreleased song “Trinity” which appears on a few concert recordings of that period. As usual, I find Bob Welsh’s between-song banter to be smug & condescending (but maybe that’s just me.).

Audience recording (grade B)
Vocals are a little 2 D and indistinct. Guitars & rhythm section, however, are clear and high in the soundscape.

Lineage: trade (cdr) > EAC > Soundforge * > FLAC (level 8)

* I upped the dynamic level and re-indexed in Soundforge. The recording level (when transferred from tape, by whomever, was very low. It sounds like source tape was close to master however, there is tape hiss present.