Fleetwood Mac
Expo Hall-Osaka, Japan
December 4, 1977

Lineage: Audience Master > 2nd Generation > Sony TC WE435 (Azimuth Adjust) > MacBook Pro > Peak Pro XT (Indexed/500hz-2khz boost) > xACT 1.59 > Flac

Disc One

Say You Love Me
Monday Morning
Oh Well
Oh Daddy
Never Going Back Again
Over My Head
Gold Dust Woman

Disc Two

You Make Loving Fun
I'm So Afraid
Go Your Own Way
World Turning
Blue Letter
The Chain
Second Hand News

I couldn't find this date appearing here before but maybe I missed it, the most commonly circulated date from the Japanese leg of the Rumors tour seems to be the December 5th Tokyo due to the availability on video.
Here we have the night before the Tokyo show in Osaka and another outstanding recording. This one came from the same trader I got the Dire Straits show from I posted earlier.
On etree this one is labeled as Festival Hall but the Japanese trader I got it from labeled the tape as Expo Hall so that is what I'm going with here.

A very subtle lift between 500hz-2khz really brought this one to life.

It's excellent quality and a great performance that I don't think even the casual fan of the Rumors era Mac should do without.

Samples below...