Fleetwood Mac - 2009-05-08 - The Center, Kansas City, MO

Edirol R-09 > PC > Audacity & CDwave (edit & Split) > dbPowerAmp > Flac 8.

Recorded by Musicatto
Edited and seeded (with explicit permission) by CorrsFan

Notes from taper:

I was in the upper level because I got tickets that day. I used an Edirol R09
then uploaded the wav file, no editing, so if you think you can improve it, please do
I know some of you guys work magic

I (CorrsFan) simply bumped up the gain and split it into tracks, then compressed
it with dbPowerAmp. The speed sounded fine, and considering the tapers location, the
recording is pretty good. Definitely worth a listen. If there is other work that
needs to be done, please let me know (I'm always willing to learn), and I'll give it a

Disk 1

01 Monday Morning
02 The Chain
03 Dreams
04 Lindsey Speaks
05 I Know I'm Not Wrong
06 Stevie Speaks
07 Gypsy
08 Go Insane
09 Rhiannon
10 Lindsey Speaks 2
11 Second Hand News
12 Tusk
13 Sara
14 Lindsey introduces Big Love
15 Big Love
16 Landslide
17 Never Going Back Again
18 Stevie Talks 2
19 Storms
20 Say You Love Me

Disk 2

21 Gold Dust Woman
22 Oh Well
23 I'm So Afraid
24 Stand Back
25 Go Your Own Way
26 Audience Applause (band leaves)
27 World Turning (Drum solo)
28 Band Introductions
29 Don't Stop
30 Audience Applause 2
31 Silver Springs
32 Audience and Closing

Why are they numbered sequentially? Because when I file mine, I don't use separate disk # folders.