Fleetwood Mac
Bercy Arena - Paris, France
October 11th, 2013

A great concert with a band eager to communicate with the audience as evidenced by what they put in the actual performance of course but also the long talks by Stevie (that one was a bit long!), Lindsey and Mick. I was expecting something very "slick" so that was a (refreshing) surprise as you rarely see big acts interact with the audience like this. It would have been perfect if Christine McVie was still playing with them, would have loved to hear "You Make Loving Fun", well she was back for a song recently, so who knows, she might be back later. The rest of the band certainly look like they have a lot of life left in them!

Recorded by WEBVAN - sitting/standing 10 meters from the stage, dead center, quiet neighbors for the most part.

Lineage : Zoom H1 > Adobe Audition (levels) > CD Wave Editor (splitting and flac) > Trader's Little Helper > Torrent Site

01. Second Hand News
02. The Chain
03. Dreams
04. Sad Angel
05. Rhiannon
06. Not That Funny
07. Tusk
08. Sisters of the Moon
09. Sara
10. Big Love
11. Landslide
12. Never Going Back Again
13. Stevie's 'very long story' (talking)
14. Without You
15. Gypsy
16. Eyes of the World
17. Gold Dust Woman
18. I'm So Afraid
19 Stand Back
20. Go Your Own Way

Encore 1
21. World Turning
22. Band Intros by Mick Fleetwood
23. Don't Stop

Encore 2
24. Silver Springs
25. Say Goodbye
26. Stevie's shoes and Thank You (talk)
27. Mick's Thank You (talk)


Mick Fleetwood
John McVie
Lindsey Buckingham
Stevie Nicks

Supporting Touring Members:

Brett Tuggle : keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Neale Heywood : rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Sharon Celani : backing vocals
Lori Nicks : backing vocals
+ "hidden" drummer (Mick Fleetwood's roadie?).