Fleetwood Mac
Live at The Forum
Inglewood, CA
2014 11-28

Genre: Rock
Audience Tape: A
Mikes: Schoeps mk4 > Actives > NBox >
Recorder: Sony M-10
Transfer: Goldwave (Volume Boost, Compression > Dither to 16b) > Media Monkey (Flac Transfer L8)
Location: VIP Loge
Recorded by Scooter123
Tapers Trade List: http://db.etree.org/mylibbydog

Tapers Notes:

First two songs crapped out but found a patch from Falcon Dave.

Set List:

1. The Chain
2. You Make Loviing Fun
3. Dreams
4. Second Hand News
5. Rhiannon
6. Banter
7. Everywhere
8. Banter
9. I Know I'm Not Wrong
10. Tusk
11. Sisters of the Moon
12. Say You Love Me
13. Seven Wonders
14. Banter
15. Big Love
16. Banter
17. Landslide
18. Never Going Back Again
19. Banter
20. Over My Head
21. Banter
22. Gypsy
23. Little Lies
24. Goldust Woman
25. I'm So Afraid
26. Go Your Own Way
27. World Turning
28. Banter
29. Don't Stop
30. Silver Spring
31. Songbird
32. Banter
33. Banter

TT: 1:11

The true thanks go not to me, but to the taping community behind whose footsteps
I have followed, including those who have perfected the art of stealth
recordings, the makers of the stealthy mikes, cords, adapters, and preamps, and
those who have graciously shared their recording techniques.

I am merely a mike stand with a credit card and driver's license.

As always, I don't care what you do with these files, once you download
them--they are yours now, except these files are not for sale, free
trade only. You can thank me by uploading something of a similar genre
or trading with me, so I can.