Fleetwood Mac
Allphones Arena


Shared by: Woff [WWWoff-203]

Lineage: CA14 cards > CA9100 > Roland-R05 (24/48) > PC > Adobe Audition (track splits, downsample to 16/44.1) > TLH (convert to FLAC - level 8, aligned on SB, checksums)


Set 1

01 Intro - The Chain
02 You Make Loving Fun
03 Stevie talking
04 Dreams
05 Second Hand News
06 Rhiannon
07 Everywhere
08 Lindsay talking
09 Bleed To Love Her
10 Tusk
11 Sara
12 Say You Love Me
13 Lindsay talking
14 Big Love
15 Stevie talking
16 Landslide
17 Never Going Back Again
18 Christine talking
19 Think About Me
20 Stevie talking
21 Gypsy
22 Little Lies
23 Gold Dust Woman
24 I'm So Afraid
25 Go Your Own Way
26 encore break
27 World Turning (includes Mick drum solo)
28 band intros
29 Don't Stop
30 Silver Springs
31 [bringing our grand piano]
32 Songbird
33 Mick's closing remarks [not recorded]


This is almost complete - only missing Mick's closing remarks. I was already packed up and leaving before he decided to start up, so I missed them.

Had a bit of a loud clapper next to me which is a bit of a pain, but you'll have to forgive me for not going through and "fixing" every offending clap.

This is just a memento of a show I attended, which I am happy to share with anyone who may have an interest in listening to it. There are samples provided to help you make that decision.

It is what it is, if you can make it better, feel free.

Do as you will with it, once it is out there I can't stop you anyway.

Most of all - enjoy