Flo & Eddie & The Turtles
Commack Arena, Long Island, USA
October 18, 1975
Audience Recording By Skotf
Skotf Archive Vol. 202

Aud>Master Cassette>1St Gen Reel To Reel>Stand Alone Burner>Wav>Flac

Howard Kaylan & Mark Volman - Vocals
Phil Reed - Guitar
Andy Cahan - Keyboards
Erik Scott - Bass
Craig Krampf - Drums

01. Intro
02. Cheap
03. It Ain't Me Babe
04. Illegal Immoral And Fattening
05. Kama Sutra Time
06. You Showed Me/The Kung Fu Killer/
07. Eddie Are You Kidding/Pop Star Massage Unit
08. --Incoming!--

No Mp3'S, No Selling, Yes Sharing - “Your Last Shirt Wont Have A Pocket” (Lone Taper)
Please No Remaster/Reposts - It Is What It Is.
“It Ain’T Perfect, But It Ain’T Bad”