Flora Purim and Airto Moreira
May 8, 1982 early show
Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, CA

soundboard > high end desktop Sony cassette deck (a Sony TC-K777 or a TC-FX77 is my guess) > master cassette (TDK MA90 metal tape recorded with Dolby B off)

transfer: JVC KD-V6 (playback, with Dolby off) > > Sek'd Prodif Plus soundcard > Sound Forge 8 (normalize, fade in and out, track splits) > BIAS Sound Soap plugin > .wav files > FLAC level 8 encoding, align on sector boundaries

Recorded by Easy Ed.

I, Easy Ed, was at the show with my cassette deck connected to the soundboard - this is not a multigenerational cassette received in trade years ago. This is my master soundboard cassette.

A scan of the flyer for the show that I saved is included in the torrent. A scan of a promo photo of Flora from 1975 is included in the torrent.

There were two shows that night. I recorded the early show. I did not record the late show.

Any help with song titles would be appreciated.

early show:
1. (spacy introduction)
2. (instrumental - title?)
3. Nada SÚra Como Antes (Nothing Will Be As It Was)
4. Light As A Feather
5. (slow samba - title?)
[tape flip]
6. Open Your Eyes You Can Fly
7. (Airto vocal and percussion piece)
8. Move It On Up
9. (a "Brazilian Carneval thing" - Flora announces the title but it's in Portuguese and said to rapidly for me to catch)

approximately 75 minutes total

The venue for this show was The Cotati Cabaret in Cotati, CA. It was a small club that held about 300 people. Cotati is a small town located about an hour north of San Francisco. The Cabaret was an outgrowth of another venue that had been across the street called The Inn of The Beginning, a resurrected version of which has since 'risen from the ashes' once or twice since the 80's.

Cotati is next to Sonoma State University, which was called Granola State University back in the days. SSU is where the great recording of Old & In The Way with Ramblin' Jack Elliott opening was made in 1973. There is a great poster of the O&ITW show, my copy of which is long gone :<(