Flora Purim & Azymuth
June 25, 1978
Bijou Caf�, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Tape labeled as "1st Set"
Incomplete SBD

Master Maxell XLI cassette recorded on an unknown cassette deck.
Played back on a Nak Dragon with Dolby B through an Avid MBox Mini III into a PC running WaveLab 6.11 software.
The resulting WAVs were tracked and faded in Audition.
The resulting WAVs were then converted to FLAC (Level 8) and a .ffp was generated using Trader's Little Helper.
The FLACs were tagged using foobar2000.

Until its release here in 2013, none of this material, (as well as a 90 minute tape from June 26,) had ever been available.

Flora Purim: vocals, effects
Jos� Roberto Bertrami: keyboards
Alex Malheiros: bass
Ivan Conti (Mamao): drums, percussion
Nivaldo Ornelas: winds - saxes and flute instead?
Roberto Silva: percussion
George Sopuch: guitar

01 Tempos Atros (Dreams Are Real) 8:32 >
02 Light As A Feather 7:54
03 500 Miles High 7:02
04 Overture 3:39
05 In Brasil 6:00
06 Band Intros 1:40
07 Partido Alto 10:07
Runtime: 44:53

June 10, 2013; Updated March 22, 2020

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