ProgDay 1998
Day 2, Band 5 - The Flower Kings
Storybook Farm, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Sep 6th, 1998, approx 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Roine Stolt - guitar, vocals
Michael Stolt - bass, vocals
Hasse Fr´┐Żberg - guitar, vocals
Jaime Salazar - drums
Robert Engstrand - keyboards

1. soundcheck & intro (1:26)
2. Retropolis (12:33)
3. Church of Your Heart *
4. Big Puzzle (cut off) (12:58)
5. Big Puzzle (conclusion) (4:50)
6. Sounds of Violence (7:52)
7. World of Adventures -> Go West Judas (14:25)
8. There is More to This World (11:00)
9. The Judas Kiss (cut off) (9:43)
10. The Judas Kiss (conclusion) (5:06)
11. In the Eyes of the World (11:37)
12. thank yous & band intros (1:38)
13. encore: The Flower King -> Stardust We Are *
14. ProgDay '98 closing announcements (2:41)

* = removed due to official release

Total Time: 95:49

Aud (mono cassette) > CoolEdit > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC


Recorded with a handheld cassette recorder connected to a single
external microphone. This was long before I sprang for a second
microphone to record things in stereo. The sound quality of this
recording isn't the greatest, but it's certainly listenable.

The set was very long (one of the longest I've ever seen at ProgDay,
and I think it was the only one I've ever seen where jury-rigged
lighting was used so that the band could keep playing after
sunset...which some local residents weren't happy about, which is
why ProgDay always ends pre-sunset now, but that's another story.)
Anyway, the combination of a very long set with lots of long
songs and 90 minute cassettes can only mean one thing - songs
get interrupted in the middle for a tape flip. It happened
twice in this set, during "Big Puzzle" and "Judas Kiss". Sorry
about that. On the plus side, even though half an hour had to
be removed because it was officially released, there's still over
an hour and a half of unreleased content here.

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About The Flower Kings:

Most prog fans probably already know about the Flower Kings, but
in case you don't - they're a symphonic/neoprog band who play bluesy,
spacey, melodic music with long instrumental passages and occasional
sing-along vocals. I'm going to be honest here - the Flower Kings aren't
my cup of tea, but re-listening to this performance just now for the first
time in nearly two decades, it was better than I remembered.

The band has a lot of passionate fans who would probably enjoy this
recording, so when I first started this archive project, I blew the dust
off the tapes, digitized them and put them up on Dime. Many thanks to Greg F.
for helping me figure out the set list and which tracks had been officially

You can find more info about the band at: